Hi. I'm Meghan. I believe that the little things in life are the big things and that sometimes, something as simple as a great stack of pancakes can be exactly the "life band-aid" you need to get inspired. That's why this blog is called Brunch Therapy.

As you already know, I really like brunch. And dogs, I also really like dogs. Here are some other things I like:

sugar // blankets // football // glitter // brown liquor // fall // coffee // swearing // FOOD 

I'm a University of Washington alum (HUSKIIIIES!) who moved to SoCal in January 2011 and has never looked back. Although I miss real fall and Husky football Saturdays, I really can't complain about being able to go to the beach in November. And February.

I don't eat gluten or dairy, but not to be trendy - I would never give up pizza and beer by choice and I still feel like a dick every time I order an almond milk latte. I have real-life food intolerances, and as much as they suck, they've led me to discover a passion for cooking I never knew I had. Every recipe you see featured on this blog is gluten-free & dairy-free, but can easily be made with your normal people ingredients. And, take it from me: it will not be "healthier" if you make it my way. Gluten free does not equal "good for you". Trust meeeee.

Another thing you should know is that I positively despise traditional crafting - the idea of making a pin board out of wine corks gives me hives. You will never see a tutorial on how to make anything on this blog that you can't eat. That being said, I am a sucker for good aesthetics and try my best to use my (minimal) artistic talent to make my surroundings beauty-full.

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